Soft Reset

Enter menu and type \*\*#\*\*

Hard Reset

  1. Power phone
  2. press and Hold # until line lights flash yellow when speaker light goes green.
  3. Wait for 1 cycle of all yellow line LEDs
  4. Press in sequence 123456789*0#
  5. Phone will request new firmware via TFTP and turn on headset,mute and speaker buttons in sequence. Line lights will continuously flash in sequence. If the speaker light does not turn on you may have a transfer error. Check your TFTP log.
  6. Phone will reboot when done.

LCD Display


Goes into <vendorConfig> tag


Display will turn on at 9:00 am and turn off at 5:00 pm Mon-Fri. Outside this time frame the display will go to sleep afer 1 minute of no activity.

Incoming Call


This does not seem to work with firmware SIP70.8-0-4SR3AS


Sip Firmware Load

Determine version and load from old to new


Prepare files

 qualify=no (if missing can't receive calls)